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moving to greenville south carolina

updated thu 25 may 00


Michele Hoskin on wed 24 may 00

Hi Everyone.

My husband is considering a position in Greenville, South Carolina. I am a
full time functional potter and have no idea what to expect marketwise in
Greenville. Is anyone familiar with the pottery scene there? Established
shows, retailers, studio tours etc.?

Any information is appreciated!

Michele Hoskin

Cat81257@AOL.COM on wed 24 may 00

HI Michele... welcome to the south :o) I"m in ASheville NC but its
only a short 1 1/2 hr ride down the mnt to greenville sc... look into
joining Southern Highlands Handicraft Guild ... its located in Asheville
... might be under the folk art cntr .. area code (828) just call
imformation for the # and ask to speak to someone concerning membership...
you'll need 5 good slides of your work for the first part of the jury
process... this is really upscale craft guild , they have 2 really good
shows per yr and lots of wholesalers attend the show and pick up artists
.... I've been selling for about 10 yrs in this area and truth be told I
have yet to see any good galleries out of Greenville which is kind of strange
seeing its such a big town and growing all the time... maybe I'm missing
something ??? At any rate your moving to a great area for functional
potters and art potters alike... you can do well here in this area...
western NC is well known for good potters... email me anytime or come visit
... full time functional potter here too :o) Cat Jarosz

Jim Bozeman on wed 24 may 00

Hi Michele, I was born and raised in Greenville, SC. I can only think of two
galleries that focus on functional pottery. One is actually in Taylors, SC;
just down the road, the other located on Main St. Can't remember the name of
either one since I have been moved away for many many years. There are
actually many more oppourtunities in Asheville, NC. Blue Spiral is a great
outlet. Also, there is a crafts guild called Southern Highlands Crafts
Guild. It is highly competitive and difficult (if not impossible) to get in
on your first try. My own work was rejected but I have my work in the
collection of the Director of the National Endowment for the Humanities! Go
figure that one! All in All; you should do well here in the South but you
will have to do some shows as well as the galleries if you want to get good
exposure. If you REALLY want to make some good sells, get your work in the
Atlanta, Georgia market!! That's the sole reason I moved to Athens, GA, to
get closer to my market. I have artist's reps. representing me there and I
do very well. I can't make enough stuff! Good luck! Jim Bozeman

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