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sv: re: investment quality art

updated tue 23 may 00


Alisa and Claus Clausen on mon 22 may 00

As Lee said, I think you will eventually change your feeling about =
wanting to sell or give away your pots. If not, well, that is OK too of =
course. For me, I seem to rarely hold back or look back at the pots I =
made. When I see pots of mine, I feel more the space or time or people I =
knew when that pot was made. A critique when they come out from the =
kiln, and onward. Right now, I seem to be in constant motion, making =
pots and thinking about how I will make it better tomorrow or something =
else I want to make tomorrow. The only pots I have in my house are pots =
from friends or ones I bought from interesting/unusual potters and =
potteries, plus enough seconds for the flowers and plants. There are =
many things that linger about the pots I have made, but I do not really =
need the pot. But I have a tiny bit nomadic "mindset". I do not like =
too many things around.

I am very pleased when someone has a pot of mine that I myself liked.

Best regards.
Alisa in Denmark.
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Fra: Lee Love
Dato: 21. maj 2000 15:36
Emne: Re: investment quality art

>----- Original Message -----
>From: Cindy Strnad
>| No, it's not strange. Eventually, I think you'll want to sell, give =
>| otherwise dispose of your excess production, though. One can only use =
>| many pots all by oneself.
>And if you want to improve your ability, it is good not to become to
>attached to what you've already made.
>My biggest reason for selling (so far) has been to make room for the =
>pots. You either sell them, give them away, throw them in the =
>River or rent a large warehouse. ;^)
>Lee Love
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Alisa and Claus Clausen on mon 22 may 00

I did not like Don's respond to this post. I did not understand his =
sentiment if that if I understood it correctly.

Being opposed to =20
Education, skill, hard work, acheivement, success and joy,=20
....and being paid accordingly for it. =20

Sounds very attractive to me. I think I will try it.
Alisa in Denmark

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Fra: Ray Aldridge
Dato: 21. maj 2000 12:38
Emne: Re: investment quality art

>At 11:44 AM 5/20/00 -0400, you wrote:
>> SCrew your investment....and your 'Art"..and "business." I make a =
>>modest living and pray it remains that way. Don
>>Don & Isao Sanami Morrill