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selling pots, etc.

updated tue 23 may 00


Hank Murrow on mon 22 may 00

>My biggest reason for selling (so far) has been to make room for the new
>pots. You either sell them, give them away, throw them in the Mississippi
>River or rent a large warehouse. Lee Love

Now a large warehouse isn't a half bad idea! Think about several
years' production gradually filling shelves, until you hire a personable
aftershool person to be there for an hour and a half fixed afternoons to
sell and pack pots from that "Barnfull of Pots" that word spreads quickly
about in the newspaper, TV reporter visits, and Sunset magazine, etc. ie:
"Hey, there's this crazy potter who has a Barnfull of Pots!" I visited Suzy
Atkins at the Poterie du Don in France, who does just that, with a poster
in every public place within 100Km; but David Stannard is the first who
suggested it to me. Think about it, Hank in Eugene