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wonderful inspiration-the best seller-seat of the soul by gary zukav

updated mon 22 may 00


Carolyn on sun 21 may 00


I would like to share with you all my excitement over the use of paperclay,
I bought some from Axner to fire in the wood kiln, made some humungous
sculpture for a graduate student show by my art therapy class and was so
pleased at how it came together, and its mendability, lightness. The
material empowered me to let loose and go with the flow. Because it is an
art therapy show, i gave myself permission to really enjoy the process and
practice what I preach. As a result I revealed myself, but it was okay. I
loved this intention and this way of expressing for no other reason than
just because I can. Whippee, picture the feeling, haha.

Anyway, I finished the internship I had at a special school for children
and teens with emotional, behavorial disabilities ( used a lot of
self-hardening clay) and am doing this firing and show and then start the
second summer of classes and another half year of internship and thesis and
I can go to work!! I feel like I am at work now but maybe I'll get paid
more, I had a little salary at my last internship. so I may not respond
much but I look forward to clayart messages as I am mostly too busy and
don't get to converse with colleages about clay and art therapy til this
summer. I say a great conference is coming up about sandplay therapy, wish
I could go to that one but alas, one cannot do it all. read the book those
who haven't I would like to converse about it..

intending peace and harmony,

carolyn in soggy, foggy, cool, fat, vermont!