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"empty bowl" bowl prices

updated tue 23 may 00


ImagineRen@AOL.COM on sun 21 may 00

Terrific attitude about it all. I am glad you shared your efforts with
Cheryl. If you would provide me with a mailing address, I would like to send
you an official Participant Response Form and ask you to fill it out for our
files. Thanks
John Hartom

Eloise VanderBilt on sun 21 may 00

Cheryl asked what people pay for the bowls in these events. Here in Sedona
they pay $20. It seems to me that people first decide they are going to
give $100 to the charity, then come and pick out five beautiful bowls and
everyone goes home happy. It's not as though they are paying for the
bowls...the bowls are a bonus. Let me add that this year the word "bowls"
had a very broad meaning...there were ikebana vases, cream and sugar bowls,
little sauce dishes, trays, etc.

I forgot to mention that some of the recognized artists also donate one
large piece of sculpture, pottery or a set of bowls which are put on a
separate "silent auction" table. That is one of the tables people want to
see first and start their bidding.

It is a very happy two hour event (although the hard working volunteers are
there all day setting up). And it's a lovely way to meet the other potters
and pottery lovers while nibbling on the chocolate-covered strawberries
provided by the Community Center and snacks provided by a local restaurant.