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handmade v/s well made with good chi

updated sun 21 may 00


priddy on sat 20 may 00

Well howdy Bruce!

> To define the difference between handmade and mechanically assisted
> is not the issue.

Actually it is in that thread. They were splitting a hair, =

a very delicate and specific process...Your point is probably more =

relevant to making "good" work.

> I believe the question to be more directly related to the creative proc=
> When does a piece cease to have the creative force contained
> within its expression?
> I think that would be when the mechanical, or the human hand for that
> matter,
> ceases to function in a way that demands its possesor to use his/her's
> intelligence.

Well said.

> If you throw pots all day long thinking about the taxes or whatever,
> use the brush for galze application in a similar fashion etc, etc.
> I dare say that that pot is a product of mechanisation and is not
> "hand built" in the true sense of the word.

In chinese brush painting, this is conceptualized as painting =

with no "chi". In potting, this is conceptualized as "making bad pots".

As opposed to "production throwing" which is indeed something you fall
into a groove with and you might in fact begin to free associate and get =

high from the experience...but your mind can't wander too far from the
immediate task at hand or it crumbles beneath your fingers. =

You can think about other things and still be making good pottery, see =

"largest production order" thread, but you have to be very good at what =

you are doing.

respectfully submitted,
elizabeth priddy

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