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paul lewing glaze workshop -- runny glazes

updated wed 17 may 00


Dave Finkelnburg on tue 16 may 00

Hi Rhonda!
Just over a week ago I had the tremendous good fortune to attend a glaze
workshop presented by Paul Lewing at the Archie Bray Foundation. He
presented some good information about runny glazes.
Paul, by the way, did a wonderful job of taking the mystery out of
creating your own glazes. He did the same for the challenge of modifying
existing glaze recipes. He went through the fundamentals of glaze
calculation without getting bogged down in a lot of math or complexity.
Basically, he explained how glaze calculation works, then took the class to
a computer lab and showed us how to use Insight and Matrix to actually
calculate glazes recipes.
Paul is a natural teacher -- patient, willing to repeat important
points, very concerned that his students understand the basics. Seeing his
tile work was also a real treat! He has tremendous control of his glazes
and uses them like paint on his tiles. The results are inspiring!
Paul mentioned that both Matrix and GlazeChem, two currently available
glaze calculation programs, can give you some indication of whether a glaze
will run. When you enter a glaze recipe into Matrix, the software
calculates, among other things, a "viscosity index." GlazeChem calculates a
"surface tension index," according to Lewing. He said the numbers from both
programs do a good job of predicting whether a glaze will be runny.
If anyone had the opportunity to attend a workshop from Paul, or at the
Archie Bray Foundation, I recommend they do so. Josh DeWeese and the great
bunch of folks at the ABF really treat you well. I especially enjoyed
meeting some of the resident artists at the ABF, and was inspired looking at
all the pottery!
Dave Finkelnburg

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From: friedlover
Date: Tuesday, May 16, 2000 9:48 AM
Subject: Help with runny glazes and bottom blobs

I have been having fun playing with low fire glaze recipes, and they have
beautiful runniness, but I want to reduce this somewhat.
I have read about 20 books in the last week and I'm still not clear.
Could someone tell me what I could add to decrease this?
Also interested in how others remove blobs from bottoms. Is there an easy
I have played with multiple dremmel attachments and I'm just not that
Rhonda Fried

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