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fwd: tokyo exhibition

updated sun 14 may 00


mel jacobson on sat 13 may 00

>Date: Sat, 13 May 2000 20:08:35 +0100
>From: Rick Hugel
>Subject: Tokyo exhibition
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>This posting is mostly for the folks in the Tokyo area - living or
>visiting. If you are a potter - full or part timer - have an interest in
>the field , or just curious - that's fine. I have been potting here for -
>well - a long time and would like to meet and have others meet like minded
>folks. I am having an exhibition in Kichijoji from May 22 -Monday- thru
>May 28 -Sunday. Since Monday thru Friday are works days, it seems that
>Saturday evening May 27 from about 5PM to closing at 7PM would be a good
>"Happy Hour" time. Nothing grand, you understand, just some wine, cheese
>and crackers, chips and folks who would like to meet each other. Of
>course, I have sent out my usual cards announcing the exhibition, but this
>call to "Happy Hour" is only going out in this posting. The *PASSWORD* is
>"Hi, I read your E-mail posting." That entitles you to pick up a
>glass(paper cup) and be Happy.
>Nagatani Space 3. It is right next to Kintetsu Department Store in
>Kichijoji. The key word to finding me is Kintetsu Department Store. Ask
>anyone(almost) and they will know where it is. The telephone number at the
>gallery is 0422-21-4370, but don't call before the 22nd, cause I won't be
>there - yet. Anyone wanting more particulars can E-mail me
>See you on the 27th