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fwd: need for strainer in teapots?

updated sun 14 may 00


mel jacobson on sat 13 may 00

>Date: Fri, 12 May 2000 17:33:37 EDT
>Subject: Need for strainer in teapots?
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>To all teapot makers -
> As one of the truly weird people who not only drink hot tea all day
> long,
>but also use loose tea, I would like to say that there is no need for a built
>in strainer.
> First and most importantly - they do not really work. Any one who uses
>loose tea also uses some kind of strainer when brewing or pouring. The idea
>of a teapot with a built in one is cute but does not serve any reliable
> Second - as a lazy person - I find it just adds to the difficulty of
>cleaning the pot and getting out all of the loose tea.
> If you choose to leave it in as an exercise in dexterity, go for it. But
>all of my good functional teapots do not have one. And, I do love GOOD
>functional tea pots so please worry more about those dripping spouts and good
>balance when pouring!
>Chris Campbell - in North Carolina - on my second mug of Irish Breakfast tea
>and the caffeine is kicking in !!