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marek's transparent glaze cone 6

updated fri 12 may 00


Alisa and Claus Clausen on thu 11 may 00

Hi Marek,
My kiln is electric and I fire between 1220 and 1250c depending on the
matt/glossiness of the glazes I am useing. A typical glaze takes 14 hours. =
is a clunker old kiln.

I will further research your recipe with Ron's help, once I get the =
for the frit.

Until then, I am pretty busy with a new shop and orders and a new teaching =
and a city school sponsored apprentice. Oh, and then there is my own =
Life is good=21

Alisa in Denmark
-----Oprindelig meddelelse-----
Fra: Marek =26 Pauline Drzazga-Donaldson
Dato: 5. maj 2000 21:48
Emne: cone 6 glaze

----------------------------Original message----------------------------
Dear Alisa =26 Claus,

sorry not to have got back to you, but I have been using (sucessfully) the =
=3C6 glaze, glazing a Bhuddist Temple Roof, about 3000 tiles in all, and a =
of shapes (12 different styles), I have had some pinholing, but the firing =
has been great from =3C6 to about =3C8 at the hottest parts in my kiln, and =
the blue
is very good through the range.

I hope RR will be able to sort you out, and I look forward to Ron's input. =
it is your firing cycle. My kiln is gas (propane) and about 1.5cu.m. in =
I stack (3 levels) about 130 curved pantiles (4 kilos in dry weight) face to
face and fire over a 27 hour cycle, the temperature on my pyro usually reads
1250 on a tightly packed kiln, or 1230 on a more loosely packed one with the
cone in each case bending in half to touch its nose to the floor. I do not =
I hope this is of use to you. If you have more questions I will try and =
more quickly next time.

Happy potting Marek