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ceramics monthly article notice

updated sat 6 may 00


D. Michael Coffee on fri 5 may 00

Dear Fellow CLAYARTers,

Thought you'd enjoy knowing that May's issue of Ceramics Monthly contains an
article written by one of your very own! It is entitled "Two Cultures Become
One With Clay", and chronicles a group-trip that my husband/potter, D.
Michael Coffee, and I took to Taiwan in Jan. of '99. I am actually a
non-potter, but have learned a great deal from Michael by watching him work
and fire. I have come to truly love Ceramics and the lovely people that work
in clay!! I am also a writer, and was quite honored when asked by Professor
Patrick Shea Crabb of Santa Ana College, CA, if I would be interested in
documenting the trip for Ceramics Monthly submission. I was also very, very
excited that my article was actually accepted for publication, as it was my
very first attempt!

We welcome your comments and/or questions concerning the article if you get a
chance to read it!

Kindest regards,
D. Michael & Denise Coffee
DMC Arts