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selling your story....instead of barfing......

updated fri 5 may 00 on thu 4 may 00

I think its a matter of deciding that's the lesser of the evils you're
faced with and if so, take the situation one step at a time and figure out
how to see the bright side or grin and bear it or just grit your teeth and
do your best. I can't think of anybody who doesn't have trouble with
dealing with all this stuff.

Now with the self-depreciating issue, it brings to mind an article in the
crafts report this morning that in order to sell your crafts you have to
tell the story that goes with it. Now that is a very interesting notion,
presuming as it does that each handmade craft item does have a story to be
told. Anyway it makes me think that prehaps a resolution for you would be
to focus on the story that your work has to tell, and communicating that.


At 03:15 PM 5/2/00 -0400, you wrote:
>----------------------------Original message----------------------------
>I've chosen to redirect my life somewhat and have one huge hurdle I can't
>to fight my way through. I hope someone has some ideas for me and anyone
>likewise suffering. I have the talent, the skills, the equipment, the
ideas and
>the products to really make a go of a clay business. I have a designer who
>knows my product would do well and will gladly display it in his business and
>everyone who sees my work loves it and buys it, So what's the problem? One
>outlet does not a business make but just the thought of having to go out and
>promote my work at fairs or to galleries or whatever just makes me want to
>up, literally. Like many artists I am shy and self deprecating when it
comes to
>my art work even though in my non art careers I have been extremely
> So what to do. I can't go around on the verge of barfing all the time.
>Maybe this is something I just have to deal with on my own or resign
myself to
>creating things no one will ever see. But just maybe someone out there in
>clayland can offer me some words of wisdom. If not I'll understand and
>to appreciate everything everyone on clayart has always contributed to me
>TIA Becky in the hot Arizona sun (egad and it's only May)

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