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selling and barfing

updated thu 4 may 00


Beverly Crist on wed 3 may 00

Hi Becky,

I too hate selling my work so I know how you feel - well maybe I'm not as
extreme as you are. I love making it but never know what to say to customers
when I'm at an outdoor show. I'm much more comfortable with shops and
galleries. But if you want to try an outdoor show you may want to buy "Be a
Dynamic Craft Seller" by Bruce Baker. It's a tape and is made for people like
us - You're not alone! The tape costs $11.95 plus $3.00 shipping and .60 tax
for those who live in Vermont. Bruce Baker, RD #3 Box 2560, Midlebury, VT
05753, phone 800-388-3434. He has a web-site, too, but I don't have the
address. I haven't done a show since I bought mine - I've had some major
burn-out on them - but I thought he had some good, motivating tips.
And, no, I'm not connected financially to selling this tape at all.
Good Luck,
Beverly Crist, Los Angeles