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cement mixers and making paperclay

updated tue 2 may 00


Carolyn on mon 1 may 00

Hi all,
I just bought a bunch of paperclay from Axner to try and I love it, I made
some giant sculptures for a wood-firing on Memorial Day weekend. I'll let
youall know how it turns out. also, I have the opportunity to buy an
electrically run cement mixer, hardly used, for next to nothing, could I
mix up my own paper clay with it, and what is the best, cheapest pulp to
use, anyone know what Axner uses. I like their paperclay. It is so much fun
to use, I fast dried 1/4 slabs with my hair dryer, I softened it up again
after some laid out too long, it mends, builds and holds up real well. It
will be a kick to see how it compares to the sculptures out of plain clay.
I am firing them raw too. Don't have any kiln big enough to bisque them,
and I am tumble stacking them so they better be strong. I also am getting
some fireclay and going to mix up some paper pulp to make stoke hole
covers, wish me luck, I haven't seen a safe stoke hole cover yet that I
liked cept the furnace doors that require metal frames or special
attachment right to the brick and I don't have time for that. I am starting
my full time art therapy graduate classes again this summer on June 4 soon
after the firing, time has flown has it not?

Carolyn in Vermont where we had ten days of rain and finally, a good sunny
weekend for once. Forsythia are just beginning to bloom. Lost all my
crocus, and daffodils sometime last winter when we had no snow cover,
between the moles, voles and lack of snow i think I will forget bulbs!!!.
all for now

Happy clayart,