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sv: jurying and pots not made by the artist/eliteism.

updated sat 29 apr 00


Alisa and Claus Clausen on fri 28 apr 00

I somehow sort of started this thread with my laments and ambilivence over =
the Arnoldi pots.
I had also backed out once the thread became more about Jurying pots, =
however I
feel rather strongly about commenting my feelings on the below post.

=3E=3E As someone who has come to
=3E=3E working with clay after 20 years as an attorney, I find the elitism =
=3E=3E =22wheel throwers=22 try to lord over =22ceramicists=22 a waste of =
time and

Is that the word you come up with for people who throw pots and are good or
extraordinarily good at what they do? People who have a trained skill and =
that skill everyday? People who can.
In plain words, it sounds like a word of jealousy over people who can (who =
good at what they do and do with integrity, skill and soul) from people who
cannot or wish to not.

I call it PRIDE.
Ceramists, being a general word for people who work in clay, are often =

=3E=3E My personal observation is that those who work on the wheel generally=
=3E=3E decorate their pots as well as those who view vessels as blank =

Here is the comment that I could only admire in it's true emptiness in
understanding what
pots and people who make pots are about.
Potters make pots that speak for themselves and very often need no coat of =
Otherwise, speaking personally, I know my pots like I know my young =
Every cm. of
that pot, the disposition, the weak parts, the strong parts, the inner, the
outer, the potential.
With that understanding, the decoration is not merely a layer of =
emblishment, it
is part of the whole.

=3E=3E There is certainly room for both points of view, and both type of =
pots in
=3E=3E shows. One is not more hand made than the other -- they are just
=3E=3E technologies.

No they are not just different technologies, they are all together
different..One is handmade.
That being the pot that is thrown.

Best regards,
Alisa in Denmark
Hopping around mad like Janet was over chips and dips,
but I am over it now that I saw some genuinely handmade, gogorgeous
pots on Janet's virtual ceramic gallery, including one of our own,
John Hasselbreth. Good pots=21