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book question: "a potters handbook" by glenn c. nelson,

updated sat 29 apr 00


Kathleen Weiler on fri 28 apr 00

I used this in college in 1970 and I wouldn't be without it!!
kathleen in Santa Monica

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There is a book that I have at home by Glenn C. Nelson called
"A potters Handbook", I believe there are two editions. This book was one of
the best in its time (70's) and was used as text in many schools throughout
the Midwest. It is by far the best source for all aspects of pottery. Might
be difficult to find, I have information on the publisher if necessary.
Definitely worth searching for.
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> What Book would you say is the most informative on all aspects of
> ceramics? One that you would consider a must to own.
> Ilene