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cleve inst of art summer workshops

updated fri 28 apr 00


Linda Arbuckle on thu 27 apr 00

Kathy King and Julia Galloway

Kathy King is an MFA alumna of University of Florida. She was an
emerging artist at NCECA 99, taught at Penland School last summer, and
has taught at the college level. She has a great sense of humor, and
does lively cone 5 pottery illustrated with her observations and
comments on her life as a woman (often ironic views). Kathy is a
generous and concerned teacher, and will keep you laughing while raising
serious questions about expression in work. E-mail her if you have

Julia Galloway is faculty at Rochester Inst. of Technology, and makes
wonderful high-fire pottery that is both useful, from a traditional
touch-stone, and wonderfully personalized. Her workshop at University of
FL this past year left students inspired and charged.

(These courses can be taken for 3, 2 or no credit.)
Continuing Education
216-421-7461 for registration or write:
Cleveland Institute of Art
11141 East Boulevard
Cleveland, Ohio 44106

Kathy King - Surfing with Clay: A Narrative Approach
(Some clay experience preferred)
June 5 - 16, 9am to 4pm each day

Has the information age boggled your mind with a constant
barrage of images and idea? Well, I say "if you can't beat 'em,
join 'em," and do it with clay. Join me in sorting through the
muck of the new millennium to investigate creating ceramic work
that is a vehicle for concept and narrative. This workshop will
explore using information presented through form and surface as
well as how the piece is viewed. From the initial concept to
the finished product, we will investigate creating specific
settings for our work. We'll look at taking the work off the
pedestal through using site-specific and installation techniques
on both large and small scale. Building techniques will include
combining both thrown and hand built elements as well as tile
work. Both sculptural and functional concerns will be discussed
with emphasis placed on surface. Carving techniques, press and
sprig molds, slip, under glazes, and glazes using mid-range
porcelain will be used. Individuals will create their own work
as well as participate in a group project to be given to CIA at
the conclusion of the workshop.

Julia Galloway - Wheel Thrown Pottery (Beg to Advanced)
June 19-30, 9am to 4pm each day

In this class we will learn how to make utilitarian pots using
both the pottery wheel and hand building techniques. We will
work with a variety of forms for both daily and specialty use.
In addition to making pottery, we will focus on glaze surfaces
and decoration of form. We will see slides of contemporary and
historical ceramics briefly each day. We will also discuss the
creative process and issues of being a craftsman today.