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packing boxes

updated thu 27 apr 00


Barb Lund on wed 26 apr 00

I have a few of those flip top plastic boxes and I am not nuts about them.
They aren't waterproof and rain can seep in the top soaking your packing.
I have some wonderful large, hard solid ,tan,plastic boxes I bought from
another potter over 10 years ago and have not been able to find since (I
know that"s a big help) but for little things, I am using the
Walmart-variety of rubbermaid boxes. Plates and other large flat things I
pack in milk crates with recycled carpet padding in between. the packing
style is an ever evolving thing. I started in cardboard boxes and gradually
moved to plastic. Now as I am getting a little bit older, I am using
smaller boxes that don't weigh as much when full and are easier to pick up!
Packing around pots?- Its all recycled bubble wrap retrieved from
department store dumpsters! The pots are wrapped in blank newsprint when
they are sold-this comes from the local paper- all prefolded and stacked.
when the press first turns on,it takes several minutes for the ink to come
in so every day there is a nice tall stack of blank folded newspaer that
usually goes in the recycle bin. some days its the" only news fit to print"!

Barb from Bloomington
Barb Lund
520 West 6th St.
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