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tom coleman's glaze book

updated tue 25 apr 00


Lesley Alexander on sun 23 apr 00

I feel that Coleman's glaze book would be more useful if he gave more
information about each glaze, how thick to apply it etc. He could even
describe his pattern of reduction firing. It was frustrating that he
casually prescribed 'yellow oxide' without explaining what it is or how to
get it. I originally tried to call the studio but got no response on that

I've tried two of the recipes. The JAC Turquoise with strontium not barium
was a rather harsh matt copper green, but that may have been the strontium.
Elaine's Apple Green Celedon (sic) gave a good finish, kind of a sallow
yellow with a hint of green with the yellow ochre I was using.

However, as they say, we have to test glazes when they travel. I haven't
devoted much time to testing those. If anyone finds out what he uses for
his yellow oxide, I'd sure like to know! Lesley in So. Calif.

Emily Muench on mon 24 apr 00

The yellow oxide can be found at Ardvark in Las Vegas, we did find it must be
necessary for the Lipstick purple, since red iron oxide and black iron oxide
didn't result in Lipstick purple.........Attended a two day workshop in West
Palm this past Feb........His workshop was great! and The Amory is a
wonderful facility.

The Lipstick purple sold by Ardvark is beautiful!!!!!!