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electrical test kiln questions

updated mon 24 apr 00


Dave Finkelnburg on sun 23 apr 00

Electrical kiln gurus:
I have some basic questions about the construction of a small (not more
than 10x10x10 inches or 25x25x25 centimeters) electric test kiln. If you
have experience with the construction of one of these, can you please
contact me?
I'm wondering how to control the temperature--by putting in a smallish
element and just let it rise slowly under full power, or putting in lots of
element power and using a rheostat or, using a power control circuit with
time delay relays, where at a low setting the power is on a small percentage
of the time, and at high it's on all the time.
Also, is it necessary to groove the kiln brick to hold the element wire,
or would pegging it to the wall with stainless pegs be sufficient?
Any suggestions on how to keep this simple and easy :-) would be
sincerely appreciated!
Dave Finkelnburg