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substituting work in a juried show

updated sun 23 apr 00


Veena Raghavan on sat 22 apr 00

I have been following this thread, now and again, and do not really
understand what the problem is. If you enter a juried or any other show and
are asked to send slides of the pieces you wish to enter, surely you should
have those pieces available to send, if your work is selected. In some
cases, the terms state that you should send slides representing your work,
not of the actual pieces. In such a case, it would be acceptable to send
pieces other than the ones in the slides. Perhaps I am confused or did not
read the posts carefully, but I cannot understand any objection to the
organizers wanting the pieces that were juried into the show.

If someone were to come to your studio/gallery, purchase a piece, and ask
you to ship it to them or for them, would you feel justified in sending a
piece other than the one they purchased? If the answer to that question is
"yes", then I am dumbstruck and have nothing more to say, but if your
answer is "no", then surely this more or less the same situation.

Have I got something wrong somewhere? If so, I apoligize for interjecting
with my two cents worth. It is just that this has been going on for a bit
now, and I really cannot understand any justification for sending slides
that are not of the pieces you are entering in the show, and then feeling
ill-treated because your piece was not accepted or did not win an award.

Will get off my soapbox now, and again, I apologise if I misunderstood the
point being made and am wasting precious Clayart space and everyone's time.

All the best.

Veena Raghavan