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rays pit fire notes

updated fri 21 apr 00


Catherine Jarosz on thu 20 apr 00

HI there Ray,

thanks for the kind offer to send your pit fire notes ... I'm really
interested in getting some help on this subject as there are a group of aol
potters that meet on tues and wed nites in a chat room and we have decided
to do a group pit fire sometime at the end of august... I"ve been saving
all the letters on this subject from clay art and would appreciate any cool
advise or things to try out ... ps if there are any aolers out there that
would like to come to the chat room (potters in grime) contact and get put on her notification list and she will send you
the link to the room on those nites think its 10pm meeting eastern time
zone ....or you can contact me and I'll make sure you get the link ....