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perfect packing for shows

updated fri 21 apr 00


Geoff Walker on thu 20 apr 00

Jan, Tom et al,

The most perfect paking for small items like coffe mugs is strawberry
boxes. I don't know whether you have these wonders in the States, but
they are flattish boxes about 2 foot by 18 inches and three inches deep.
They are divided into 20 compartments by 7 intersecting, slotted
(removeable) cardboard dividers. 20 punnets of strawberries to a box (or
twenty mugs etc.).

Transporting large quantities of items this size is a breeze, as they
can be stacked at high as you like without toppling. We also use them to
store bisque. There is NO NEED FOR FURTHER PACKAGING!

They are also the handiest packing tools when moving house or studio.
Almost everything in a kitchen pantry will fit within the spaces. The
dividers can be removed or convoluted to accept odd or over-sized
shapes, provided no one dimension is more than about 3 and a half inches
and still the boxes will stack.

Ask your greengrocer to keep them for you. (Although I do buy them by
the pallet load.)

Geoff ... on the Gold Coast in beautiful Queensland where the weather is
perfect for the Easter Break.

Jan Brown Gleason wrote:

> ----------------------------Original
> message----------------------------
> Tom,
> I work in an independant pharmacy and we often get glass prescription
> bottles
> shipped in a wonderful bubble pack bag that has an adhesive on the
> opening.
> I saved many of those and they are perfect for wrapping up smaller
> items -
> mug size and smaller. Perhaps you could talk to your local
> pharmacist, or
> other businesses that might receive glass items packed in the bubble
> bags,
> and see if they could save them for you. Better to recycle than to
> purchase
> new!