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cone 10 electric firing

updated fri 21 apr 00


Arnold Howard on thu 20 apr 00

Dear All:

Potters on Clayart complain, from time to time, about
electric kilns (including Paragons) that do not reach
cone 10. I have relayed your messages to the engineers
at Paragon, and they have come up with a solution.

Paragon is introducing two cone 10 kilns: a 12-sided
and a 10-sided model. They have true 2400 deg. F.
firebrick (not the standard 2350 deg.) and are rated
to a full 60 amps, 240 volts (on a 70 amp circuit).
They will definitely reach cone 10!

Arnold Howard

P.S. They are UL, CUL listed & NEC approved.

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