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book -- " japanese ceramics and metalwork"

updated fri 21 apr 00


Tim Skeen on thu 20 apr 00

I just received (30 mins. ago) a book called "Pageant of Japanese Art -
Ceramics and Metalwork. It was listed as just "Ceramics and Metalwork" my
husband ordered it for me thinking it would help me with my welding and
pottery. To my surprise I received this wonderful little book. It was
published in 1953 and printed and distributed in 1958 by the Toto Shuppan
Co., Japan. It is mostly in black and white with only ten color photos but
it is a beautiful book!

As I was skipping through the book I noticed teabowls, and teapots. One
kettle was made from Iron and it was described as being used for the tea
ceremony! It is "Flat spider" shape and "Temmsi" type. It was in the
Tokoyo National Museum. My questions are, 1) I thought only pottery was
used in the tea ceremony? Did they, and do they still use metal? 2) Why
is it that some teabowls are very plain and others are elaborately painted?
I guess I am interested if one style is appreciated more than the other? If
anyone would be so kind to answer these questions I would appreciate it.
Not to tie up the list you could e-mail me directly. Thank You

I didn't understand much of the teabowl discussion and I think that is why I
received this book. Not to get mushy about this but it brought tears to my
eyes that somehow I thought I was ordering one book and received this one.
I am so excited because it will open a new door for me and hopefully I will
understand more of what Mel, Aiko and others write about when discussing
Japanese Pottery, glazes shapes etc. We're never too old to learn... It is
great to belong to a list like this because we not only learn about pottery
but other cultures. It's a big world out there, sometimes I get so boxed
in, in my little part of it...

If anyone is interested in this book just contact me and I'll give you the
Also, if anyone has books on the topic of the tea ceremony please share
them. I think for those of us that are limited in our understanding of the
tea ceremony, it would give us information and like this book a look at the
pottery/metal being used....

Thank you

Best Wishes,