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bottom kiln shelf height(new mft)??

updated sat 22 apr 00


Derek Johnson on wed 19 apr 00

We are just finishing construction of a 30c.ft. MFT. How have people =
the bottom shelves? On the floor? Several inches up? Pots on the floor?????

Almost done, burners today and chimney on the Weekend(I hope). Any helpful
hints on flashing brick to a metal roof would also be appreciated.... =

Tonya Johnson on wed 19 apr 00

I placed a layer of kiln shelves about an inch and a half off the floor.
Then I make the first shelf of pots to be a nine inch or more shelf. Good
Luck! Tonya

John Weber on fri 21 apr 00

We built our MFT, now rebuilt several times over, so the top of the exit flue
matches the first shelf. So, underneath the first shelf is a channel running
the length of the kiln which draws the kiln fumes from the front (in my kiln
its the door) to the rear of the kiln where the exit flue is located. We use
three kiln shelves as a first shelf and leave small space between them with a
larger space in the rear. This helps the circulation to flow around the base
shelf and exit with more even distribution of gases. Although our exit flue
is 9" x 9" the channel under the first shelf is actually 9" x 6 3/4" (shelf
base is supported by two standard high heat hard bricks one on edge [4 1/2"]
and one flat [2 1/4"]). If you want any more detail just contact me off the