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sv: re: food safety/oxides (ron, marek)

updated wed 19 apr 00


Alisa and Claus Clausen on tue 18 apr 00

Hi Ron,
I have just set a new set of test tiles in my glaze kiln with the suspect =
cone 6
(Marek, where are you, it is your recipe?)
I have some plain as it is and others colored with colbalt and iron and =
Unfortunately my kiln pooped out at 800c, so hopefully my Claus man live in
can get it working. As soon as see the results, I will write about them.

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Fra: Ron Roy
Dato: 17. april 2000 22:53
Emne: Re: Sv: Re: Sv: Re: food safety/oxides

----------------------------Original message----------------------------
Hi Alisa,

I am sure it is not a cone 6 glaze - it has no bron for starters - and noit
enough secondary fluxes - and too much alumina and silica - I compared it
with other cone 6 glazes - it will not melt at cone 6.

The Hamers are British if that helps.

Do share some of your results with me - I learn by working with others - I
do the reforms and they do the firing - a good exchange and I get better at


=3E----------------------------Original message----------------------------
=3EI am really grateful for your time to answer my questions. As I recently=
=3Eto Tom B. I was a bit ashamed of myself asking so many detailed ones,
=3Eas if I had a private mentor. But your answers are most, most helpful.
=3EI will be asking Marek soon about Marekk's cone 6 clear, because I have
=3Enot had rave success with it. Could be like you say, it is not cone 6
=3EI plan a visit to the states in the next two or three months, so I will =
=3Ethe Hammer book. Actually, Steven B. could send it much faster.
=3EAs I also said to Tom B. that now that I seemingly have as many test =
tiles in
=3Ekiln as ware, my questions become bountiful. But more tests, lead to =
=3Eanswered also by.........more tests=21 and the great help of people like
=3EThank you very, very much Ron. I have beautiful rainbows of test tiles
=3Ein all nuances of varying strengths of oxides. This is very exciting =
=3EI am learning and doing and learning and crying and learning and happy =
=3EI am going to see the very exciting =22Riverdance=22 tonight
=3Eand I will try not to think about glazes.
=3EBest regards,
=3EAlisa in Denmark
=3EWhere the winter's promise of Spring has been honored.

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