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on safety & information (fwd)

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> Date: Fri, 14 Apr 2000 22:15:26 EDT
> From: Stephen Mills
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> Subject: On safety & information
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> Sitting here as I do on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, reading
> Monona's polite but firm streams of information on safe practice in
> Ceramics, and hearing about the Trojan efforts of people like Bonnie's
> Dad re. Aluminium, I can't help but feel thankful for them; the Teachers
> and Whistle Blowers of this world who take it upon themselves to dispel
> the rumours, hearsay, Old Wives tales, and downright lies that surround
> us daily. It is often a thankless task, but it's a job taken on without
> thought for reward by people who CARE and are prepared to endure the
> flack they often get from vested interests and those who consider them
> killjoys. I know it's Monona's "day" job, but she is not paid to stick
> her neck out on The List and I for one am glad that she does.
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I think I love you.

This post has been printed out in large type and is on my wall. Thanks.