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giving credit to creators of gb free raku glazes

updated sun 16 apr 00


Deborah B. on fri 14 apr 00

It is not my intent to be "unlegal" about sharing recipes. I had no idea
this was such a "legal issue minded group!" These glazes were recipes that
had been passed down through the professors at UW Whitewater. No workshops,
no names. Doubt that anyone even knows where or from whom they came from at
this point. They have been around a long time (I've had them for four years
and I'm sure they were around a lot longer than that!). They been here
before the issue of no more GB!! So who do I give credit to for under the
circumstances? Do I give credit to the people who passed them out to their
classes for years? I'm sorry I shared!
So if you are out there and these are your glazes then I give credit to you
and my apologies!

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Burtt on sat 15 apr 00

Hi Deborah,

Please don't be sorry you shared just because of some bad attitudes.
Like most potters, I suspect, I have a notebook full of glazes that came
from multiple sources over several years. I share with anyone who asks
and I don't give credit. Sorry if that offends some people....BUT PLEASE

Steve Burtt
Ocean Springs, Mississippi