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canadians selling on the net to customers in usa

updated sun 16 apr 00


Terrance Lazaroff on fri 14 apr 00

I am thinking of trying out the net orgainzations that sell directly to
clients. What I need to know is what are the rules for shipping the object
from Canada to the USA.

I understand that in many cases we need to have a customs broker. But when
it is just one object, Is this necessary?

Terrance Frank Lazaroff
St-Hubert, Quebec, Canada!!!!

June Perry on sat 15 apr 00

Dear Terrance:

You won't need a customs broker to send an item; but you'd better insure it.
When I lived in Canada I sent my mother in New York a casserole, very well
packed. She called me after it arrived, asking me what it was! It was in so
many piece she could tell what it was. The customs people had obviously
opened the box and unwrapped the piece and then just threw it back in the box
without bothering to rewrap it.