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kiln shelves (wash)

updated fri 14 apr 00


Malone & Dean McRaine on thu 13 apr 00

To wash or not to wash.. that is the question. It has been a recurring
topic so the archives probably have some good refrences. I don't like ITC
it didn't release melted glaze at all for me, just ripped big holes in my
shelves. I flip my shelves over and leave the wash on them and don't have
trouble with wash falling on pots but TRY IT YOURSELF before you decide on
this method. My kiln wash works for small meltdowns for major meltdowns I
don't think anything works but a chisel. My kiln wash recipe follows. Put
it on thick by building up 4-5 layers.

parts by volume
2 alumina hydrate
1/4 any feldspar
1/4 bentonite

Dean, in Kauai where the tourists are fleeing the rain in droves.