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food safety why aluminium?

updated fri 14 apr 00


Edouard Bastarache on thu 13 apr 00

Hello Chris,

very good point.

Here in Quebec we have more than 10 large aluminium
smelters since we sell our electricity cheap to them
in order to have jobs for our fellow citizens.
Some of these smelters have been in operation since 1927,
and in the old days when I visited my father at work, these
workplaces were so dusty we could not see thru the =22pot-rooms=22.
But so far we have not seen any epidemic of aluminium related
cases of Alzheimer's disease.
Several mortality studies of aluminium reduction plant workers,
in which the study cohorts totaled nearly 28,000 long term
employees, recorded no excess deaths due to organic brain
disorders of the dementia type.
Ingested aluminium is poorly absorbed, and there appears
to be no retention of aluminium from nutritional sources in
individuals with normal kidneys. I presume the subjects of
these studies ate their food from glazed wares.


Edouard Bastarache
Dans / In =22La Belle Province=22
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De : Chris Schafale
Date : 12 avril, 2000 16:27
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As a former neuropsychologist who specialized in dementia, I can't
let this go by any longer. As I understand it, the aluminum theory
of Alzheimer's Disease has been pretty well discredited by current
neuroscience. Yes, there are some findings of increased
aluminum in the brain at autopsy, but as far as anyone can tell,
there is no relationship between that finding and exposure to
aluminum in daily life. Of course, there are always new studies
and changing interpretations, but on the whole, I think you can
relax about your deodorant or your soda can (or your pottery coffee
mug) making you demented. Which is not to say that aluminum
may not have other noxious effects, just to say that Alzheimer's
Disease is probably not one of them.


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=3E I can understand Monona=92s reticence about saying more.
=3E But the way I understand it, Aluminium has been implicated in =
=3E Syndrome. Our medical colleagues may have more information. Probably
=3E why aluminium cooking utensils have lost out in favour of Stainless =
=3E Regards,
=3E Ivor

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