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kiln shelves/wash for porcelain

updated thu 13 apr 00


rickmahaffey on wed 12 apr 00

Reid Ozaki who did a lot of porcelain used to use an alumina wash on the
unwashed mullite or High Alumina kiln shelves when he was firing
porcelain. This kept the porcelain form sticking and causing small
chips in the foot. He would wash the alumina off with a sponge and
water. Then flip the shelves for the next firing. Reid would put a
ring of the alumina wash under the foot as opposed to covering the whole
To make the wash put some alumina hydrate in water and made sure to stir
it when preparing to brush it on the shelves.

Rick Mahaffey
Tacoma WA USA

Craig Haaser wrote:
> ----------------------------Original message----------------------------
> I'm looking for something to keep my porcelain and B-mix pots from sticking
> to the kiln shelves at cone 10.
> I would like to continue turn my shelves over without the "wash"
> flaking/falling off the shelves.
> Any suggestions? What is the best method of application?
> Has anyone used ITC on kiln shelves?
> Thank you.
> Craig Haaser
> Ogden, UT.