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teaching a 6-week class -- fountain idea

updated wed 12 apr 00


Mary Lou Lundgren on tue 11 apr 00

This is an idea I read on this server a few months back. I tried it and it
worked great and the kids loved making it... it will eventually go in our
school library. I made it with 10 year olds.

A Fountain- this is a group project. Each child made a small pinch pot..
they actually made pots by putting geometric shapes together.... I then
scored and put them together into a pyramid shape ... leaving a hole through
the bottom for the rubber tube that attaches to a pump.... and hollow inside
for the pump. I made a large bowl for the fountain to sit inside of-deep
enough to hold water and also a ring
wide cylinder thrown on the wheel with no bottom because I didn't leave
enough room for the fountain motor . This can be left in bisque or glazed,
making sure not to close up any holes with glazes.