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updated mon 10 apr 00


Joyce Lee on sun 9 apr 00

Thank you for the generous sharing of your leaf work, Don. I can't wait.
I have a few large, beautifully veined leaves from Fall that I rescued
from the mud under the bushes in the ophthamologist's office in
Bakersfield ..... they're in my freezer in plastic baggies just waiting
to be used somehow with clay. My bud, Sylvia, who is here for this year
while her husband is on sabbatical from Kansas, uses leaves to make
eye-catching small bowls. I'm making those, too, identical to hers, and
have told her that they will go out for sale as soon as her heels shake
off the desert sand for the last time. I don't want her to leave ever,
but if she's going anyhow.........

And, Don, your plate now has found its home with those of all the other
claybuds who added to my collection ..... and receives many comments of
wonder when the admirer realizes that the "decoration" around the rim is
really made up of words used in a sweet sentiment. Thank you.

In the Mojave where the temp is running 85 F during the day and 43 F
at night ..... things are heating up, but for now it's
great.....throwing with the big door open so the animal life can peer