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updated sat 8 apr 00


Diane G. Echlin on fri 7 apr 00

iandol wrote:

> After all the conversations of recent weeks, just how many teapot makers are
> there out there. Come on out into the open all you sleepers, admit to the rest
> of us the type of tea pots you are making. And put Antoinette out of her miser
> tell us all how you design them.
> Ivor, who has been attaching streamlined spouts today.

Never in my life had I made a teapot until last week. I'm not much of a tea
drinker, and I had always envisioned teapots as being round and bulbous: not a s
I'm skilled at. Well! After all this hullabaloo over functional and non functi
teapots, I began really thinking about the concept. So Last week when I went to
studio, I grabbed one of my not quite leather hard pieces, a beeker-shaped one,
it on the table, threw a spout and a lid (very poorly, I might add) and pulled a
handle. Then I sat and looked at all the pieces, thinking ugh, what have I done
So I slapped them together, attached the handle at a rakish angle, as I realized
had attached the spout way too low to be at all functionally utilitarian, and sa
to myself, "Self, There's a dysfunctional teapot if I ever saw one!"

There are now 12 teapots of varying functionality sitting drying on the shelves
drying. Big ones, little ones, funky handles, cork-screw lids, But not one is r
or traditional looking. The second one I made is particularly pleasing to me, an
it's the first thing in quite a while That I've made that I might have a hard ti
parting with. Depends on if I glaze it successfully.
So thanks to the lively debate, I'm a convert!
Thanks a lot! ;)