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mentorship in sf bay area?

updated fri 7 apr 00


centa on thu 6 apr 00

Hi folks,
I am continuing to explore educational opportunities/possibilities and
have come upon a low residency MFA program that uses a mentors or
artist/teachers that are located all over the country, apparently. I
have a feeling that most of their paid "artist/teachers" or off campus
mentors may be in media other than ceramics. I love the idea of
working under the tutelage so to speak of an artist whose work I respect
and admire in ceramics (figure sculpture and pots preferably), and am
wondering if their is anyone in the sf bay area who has worked with
students in such a mentorship role (in this case, one would apply to the
school to be a paid mentor), or who might be open to such an
arrangement/committment. I don't know the details yet of how these
relationships are negotiated and defined, as far as the school goes, but
I would be curious if anyone has any artist leads for me to at least
dialog with.

Thanks again,