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downloading problems and teapot makers

updated sun 9 apr 00


iandol on thu 6 apr 00

Downloading Clayart Files

Being one of those who get the digest version I wanted to be sure that I =
have a
good record. Since I joined the group I have always down loaded onto a =
Depending on weight of postings, it seems to work out at about ten to =
digests per floppy including my replies. This leaves my hard drive for those
enormous graphics files.


After all the conversations of recent weeks, just how many teapot makers are
there out there. Come on out into the open all you sleepers, admit to the =
of us the type of tea pots you are making. And put Antoinette out of her =
tell us all how you design them.

Ivor, who has been attaching streamlined spouts today.

Veena Raghavan on sat 8 apr 00

I admit to being a teapot maker, a maker of functional teapots.
They fascinate me, and I make all kinds, small, medium, and fairly large
(but I am small, so what is large to me.........). I make thrown round
teapots, with a more or less classic shape, flat low-lying teapots, various
thrown and altered teapots, teapots with long arched pulled spouts,
handbuilt teapots with stamped and carved designs, teapots with sculptural
attachments, and teapots with an inbuilt tea-leaf strainer. There are
probably others, but I think this gives an idea of my range of teapots.
Hope this is a start of many posts in reply to Ivor's.
Happy teapot making!
All the best.


Veena Raghavan