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cone 10 glaze stability results

updated fri 7 apr 00


John Hesselberth on thu 6 apr 00

Hi everyone,

Thanks to Tom Wirt, I have now been able to post the leaching test
results for the first Cone 10 glazes on my web site. And Cone 10 glazes
are not immune from leaching problems.

The glazes are:

Shaner's Oribe--turns out this one is quite unstable and leaches a LOT of
copper. I would not put it on a food surface and Tom doesn't either.

Old Celadon--a fairly stable light green glossy transparent glaze
formulated by Tom by combining two other glazes.

Esther's White accented with Shaner's Oribe--in spite of the instability
of Shaner's Oribe this combination is quite attractive and stable;
although anyone using it should have it tested themselves.

Check them out at

Who else has tested some cone 10 glazes and is willing to share the
results? I know more have been tested, but I don't yet have any other
results. Please send some to me.

John Hesselberth
Frog Pond Pottery
P.O. Box 88
Pocopson, PA 19366 USA
EMail: web site:

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Tom Wirt/Betsy Price on thu 6 apr 00

One added note and correction to John's post about the glazes we had tested.
The Shaner's was obviously developed by David Shaner....we just use it and
sent it in for testing.

Booth the other glazes/combinations were developed by Betsy Price. I throw
pots she does the glazing. All the credit must go to her. Especially for
the Old Celadon ( I prefer to call it Betsy's Old Celadon) which is a dead
ringer for a 6th century Korean celadon which we saw at a Chicago Art
Institute show about 10 years ago.. If anyone finds some new things they do
with these glazes, we'd sure love to hear about them.

Tom Wirt, Betsy price
Clay Coyote Pottery