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lost cone 5-6 glaze formula help!

updated fri 31 mar 00


Jim Phillips on thu 30 mar 00

Description: (common name-oatmeal)
Physical properties of fired glaze: Light yellow-tan ultra smooth satin
mat, great liner glaze and very stable at cone 5-6. Light
peppered look caused by .25 powdered illmanite. No noticeable crazing.

Physical properties of the raw glaze: Silky slippery smooth,
flows fast, appears very sticky,viscous in nature. Goes on cone 05
bisque with no faults when dipped, poured or sprayed. Overlaps well.

I think the recipe includes small to moderate amounts of gerstly borate,
dolomite, and epk.

This has been a wonderful glaze for years I hope you have a similar
formula in your glaze file you are willing to share. Thanks for looking!

Sincerely, Jim Phillips, Ceramics' teacher