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warming teapot question

updated thu 30 mar 00


Veena Raghavan on wed 29 mar 00

Message text written by Ceramic Arts Discussion List
>Short question: In giving instructions to a purchaser of a functional
teapot, and if I want to print a note re rinsing teapot first with warm
tapwater and then pouring in the boiling water, do I instruct new owner to
do this the first time or two only, or every time the teapot will be used.
If you have an answer, I would be most grateful. If you wish to read on,
fine too. It gets wordy.

Hi Bacia,
In answer to your question, but from a different viewpoint, not
protecting the integrity of the teapot but rather the quality of the brewed
tea, in India and England, one is always told to prewarm the teapot before
brewing the tea. So, even if the pot can stand the heat of the water
straight out of the kettle, it should be warmed before pouring water over
the leaves, because it will make better tea.
Hope this helps.

Veena Raghavan