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sv: indoor saggar firing

updated fri 24 mar 00


Alisa and Claus Clausen on thu 23 mar 00

Dear Wayne,
A while back there was a posting, I believe by Dannon, about
smokeless firings. You can find it in the archives.
HOWEVER, a big however, I would believe these firings
were done outside. AND another even bigger however..
I think this is a bad idea. Especially in a community center
where many people can be affected by the firing.
The point of the fire alarms going off, etc. is well made.
Also, from my own experience, just the burning wax resists
in our community center's cellar kilns, have sent all of the
people out of the cafe.

If I may say so, you would probably be better off not doing this,
because you will cause quite a stink (both kinds) and the
firemen will not thank you. That is good you are thinking
twice, and asked about it.

Best regards,
Alisa in Denmark

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Fra: Wayne S Bien
Dato: 21. marts 2000 18:55
Emne: saggar firing

----------------------------Original message----------------------------
I am planning to do a saggar firing in an electric kiln. I am going to use a
terra cotta flower pot as my saggar with a kiln shelf as a lid. I will be =
pine shavings as my reduction material. My question is how much smoke can I
expect to experience? I will have the peep holes of the kiln closed off and =
be firing to cone 015.

I am concerned about the smoke because the kiln is in a recreation center in=
small room with no windows and only a small exhaust fan for ventilation.

Wayne Bien
Baltimore, MD