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updated fri 24 mar 00


taube wilson on thu 23 mar 00

Hi all,
Just a few tidbits here...
1) Because Ray brought it up, I checked e-bay for MacKenzie's
resale prices. There have been 12 recent sales, plus one still open.
The resale prices ranged from 9.99 for an unmarked bowl to
an amazing $76 for an unmarked tenmoku teabowl, with most in the
$20-$30 range. Still quite a markup from his usual prices. One
marked teabowl is still up for auction, at $50 so far.

2) You might want to check out the following article at British online auction house), recommending
contemporary pottery as a collectible commodity.

3) Yesterday at Borders I was gazing at the magazine rack and
noticed the new Martha Stewart Living sitting there. I was thinking
about how she shows tons of pottery in her magazine but virtually no
handmade pots. Well, I decided to flip through it and, lo and behold,
there was a 5-page spread about a potter's annual thank-you party
for friends who help out at her sales, featuring her complete hand-
thrown dinner service. Nice work, too. The article is called
"A Potter's Meal", and I'm sorry I don't remember the name of the
I have to say, though, I thought it was pretty funny that they
captioned a photo of the potter at work at her Brent with a
statement about the wheel being a 'prehistoric device which has hardly
undergone any changes since ancient times'(my paraphrase).


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