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orifice nuts (for gas kiln users eyes only)

updated wed 22 mar 00


Marshall Talbott on tue 21 mar 00

At one point I truely thought that I was going to have to replace/rebuild
our gas fired car kiln because of excessively long glaze firing times and
difficulty in getting into reduction. Although I did periodically clean the
orifices those orifice holes (unknown to me)were gradually decreasing in
size due to corrosion build up. To make a very long story short, finally I
obtained new orifice nuts and decided to go with two different sets with
different size orifices. Now I use two sets of orifice nuts.. one for
bisque fires (oxidation 07/06) and another set for glaze fires (9/10
reduction)..... [our kiln uses two MK-1 burners] A simple concept and one
that has saved my wife and I thousands of dollars and allows us to have some
really great firings... see picture of kiln at the link below...

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