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updated wed 22 mar 00


Antoinette Badenhorst on tue 21 mar 00

All this about everyone`s idea of what is what in the clay world is very
interesting to me and it shows once again that boundries is very difficult to
make. I guess that the only one that have boundries will be the real
functional stuff when it needs to meet it`s purpose. To me a teapot will only
be functional if it pours properly, handles easy, hold enough tea for the
size of it and is not so heavy that I can kill someone with it. It will be a
sculpture as well if I can enjoy it`s appearence as well. So will every other
functional piece be. I also love well made non-functional and sculptured work.
For that reason I think it is very important to put some thought into ones
work. That makes me wonder how you people create a piece of work?
Some years ago I concentrated so hard on the technical side of what I done
that I never planned my work. It always just happened. These days I try to
draw some pictures or make a sample piece. I try to "read" my work as how to
put some surface design and form together. When I have to do a teapot or
something more complicated, there is so much more challenge in the design of
that piece. Then , when my pitfired work comes up, one deal with the
unexpected! I have a scrapbook with pictures of things that I like and I use
it like a dictionary. This will be from any kind of creation that one will
find on this earth. As I believe there is nothing new in this world, I will
use ideas in combination to get to my own idea.
It will be nice to know how all of you come to your designs in your work.What
will you see as the perfect method to use?
To me it is very difficult to make 3-d and surface design work along.
Therefore I can just admire people like Lucy Lewis and those that do the same.