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finding out of priint books

updated fri 17 mar 00


Michael Shernick on thu 16 mar 00

Hi All--

Lots of people have been asking about various out of print books and how to
find them. My hyper-literate coworker pointed me to:

It's a search engine that searches online bookstores. I've found several
hard-to-find titles through this site.


Berthoud, CO

where it was 60 yesterday and today we have 3 inches of snow and counting...

>----------------------------Original message----------------------------
Anyway my previously posted request for information
>regarding the book Handmade Potters Tools was written by Whitford and
>the cover art showed three separate drawings of tools that are too faint
>on my catalog / flyer to make out. I would love to replace this
>wonderful book. Thanks in advance for any kind help. Michael Porfido
>waiting for spring in NJ

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