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: re: plate setters warping

updated wed 15 mar 00


iandol on tue 14 mar 00

My ceramic education must have had a blind spot. Was I asleep during that
lecture? Until the posting of this thread I thought that such things as =
setters were used when firing earthen ware or glazing bisque porcelain where=
temperature was well below the maturing temperature of the clay.

So the questions emerge. What is the recommended service duty suggested by =
manufacturer? What is the PCE value of the refractory substance from which =
are made? I would imagine that they have a very high alumina content and =
must be
made from cordierite or similar based bodies. There must be very few =
products which will withstand continuous service at cone ten plus. Does =
know their compositions?

Ivor Lewis. Inquisitive as usual=21