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fw: jepson's school

updated wed 15 mar 00


Deborah Bouchette on mon 13 mar 00

I'm so glad you enjoyed the workshop. I had such a miserable experience at
Jepson's that I asked for a refund (which he promised but never coughed up).

Deb Bouchette

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From: Deborah Manduca
Sent: Sunday, March 12, 2000 5:41 PM
Subject: Jepson's school

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Hello group,

If you are looking for a great experience try a week at Steven Jepson's
school in Florida. I'm am an intermediate potter who has just been =
into a clear understanding of where I need to head. Jepson's high energy =
superb teaching makes one's understanding almost spiritual. Jepson's is
generous in answering and giving unique insight to all questions posed by
aspiring potters. A special thanks to Tom Safer who answered all our
decorating questions even though it wasn't his course. These are two great


Deborah Manduca on tue 14 mar 00


I can imagine that a week in this environment is not for everyone. I think
it's wonderful for intermediate potters who are struggling with solutions to;
lidded pots, quick trimming techniques, large plates, etc. I do not believe
it is for advanced potters or people who don't like porta potties. It's
great for people trying to learn the business. The instructor is a bit
eccentric, a quality I enjoyed, but he was never hesitant in answering any
trade questions or demonstrating technique. I enjoyed making him over trim a
well fitted lid just so we could see tricks to make it fit. There are simple
solutions that master potters know that intermidiate potters struggle with
and he demonstrated many of these solutions.

Debi ps(Marian; check out the Jepson's in Ceramics Monthly)