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collecting information for a new book

updated tue 14 mar 00


LOWELL BAKER on mon 13 mar 00

I am in the process of collecting information for a new book on
kilns. I am looking for about twenty kilns that are relatively easy to
build and fire well. I am interested in kilns that use materials and
fuels innovatively.

This book will not be a "how to" of kiln building because I feel we
have a number of that kind of literature which serves the purpose
well. However, a person with some kiln building experience would
be able to duplicate the kiln from information presented. I am
looking at a format which will document existing kilns, their firing
and the results of the firing process. I would like to include a
comprehensive photographic documentation of the kilns and firing.
The book will include interviews with the people who fire the kilns,
noting both the positive and negative aspects of the kilns.

I do not intend to include designs of kilns that have already been
widely published, however if you have a kiln that is a significantly
altered form of one of the old standards, I am interested in talking
with you.

An example of what I am looking for can be seen in the article CM
has accepted for publication in April, about the kiln I designed and
built on Horn Island last spring. This is a contemporary/island
adaptation of a Roman kiln.

If you are interested in participating in this project, please contact
me directly at:


W. Lowell Baker
The University of Alabama