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updated tue 14 mar 00


iandol on mon 13 mar 00

This idea intrigues me, if for no other reason than to question the need to
refire to the original cone value. For most glazes, I think going up to =
eight hundred Celsius should do the trick.

Correct me if I=92m wrong in thinking this way, but I understood that =
being glass, always had lower melting or softening temperatures than any of =
original compounds used in recipes and that this was especially true of =
which contained Sodium, Potassium or Boron through incorporating one of the
feldspars or Gersley Borate

So, if it is only a glaze defect which has to be corrected and is not a =
of an immature body, why take the work back up to cone 8 plus?

It seems to me that this is a matter of convenience because we have space in=
next firing and the decision to fire so high is not based on technical

Ivor Lewis. Throwing ten year old porcelain. How sweet it is.